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Cummins ISB 600 Dodge Turbo Diesel
   Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd.

For 2004, Cummins and Dodge raise the bar with the re-engineered Cummins 600 Turbo Diesel, available in the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Pickups. The Cummins 600 Turbo diesel delivers a class-leading 600 ft.lbs of torque, starting at only 1600 rpm, along with an unbeatable 325 horsepower.

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The Cummins 600's improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology.
Best Fuel Economy.  The Cummins 600 continues to have the best fuel economy in its class, even while meeting 2003 EPA certification.  
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with fewer parts.

The new Cummins technology now has over 1 billion miles of proven performance.

• Best-in-class trailer towing of 16,500 lbs
• Best-in-class Gross Combination Weight Rating of 23,000lbs (Vehicle, payload and trailer)
• The ISB's Variable Geometry Turbocharger increases responsiveness on all ratings of 245 hp and above.
• The new Bosch High Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) fuel system enables pilot injection before the main injection. This reduces the spike in combustion pressure for dramatically quieter combustion.
Quieter Operation - Cummins Turbo Diesel still sounds distinctively throaty, yet runs up to 7 decibels quieter at idle. That's 80% less noise, inside and out. For the 2004 Cummins 600 we've added rubber isolators for the valve cover bolts and further reduced the noise at idle by changes to pilot injection. Also the rear gear train design reduces engine noise significantly.
• Exceptional Power-to-Weight-Ratio - With ratings up to 325 hp and 600 lb-ft of peak torque, from an engine that weighs less than 1,200 lb.
Clean, Efficient Combustion - 24 valves (4cylinder) with larger multiple injections and centered fuel injection help ensure complete combustion for maximum efficiency and reduced emissions.
Coolant flow has been optimized and balanced to reduce cylinder temperature.
• The stiffened engine block enhances durability and reduces noise.
• Improved compression braking from the Jacobs Exhaust Brake.
Exhaust system increased to four inch diameter from turbo to tailpipe to reduce backpressure.
• Larger turbocharger compressor wheel and housing for increased air flow.
• Higher flow design intercooler and engine-mounted shroud for improved forced air flow and cooling.
In-cylinder combustion and diesel oxidation catalyst solution requires no exhaust gas recirculation components.
• High strength exhaust manifold with multi-layer gasket between head and manifold.
• Forged steel fracture-split connecting rods.

Fuel Economy & Emissions
• The Cummins 600 delivers up to 2% better fuel economy than its predecessor.
• Particulates and nitrogen oxides have been reduced to meet the 2004 US federal and state emission requirements. An in-cylinder solution along with a diesel oxidation catalys, a new piston combustion bowl and a high flow electronically-controlled wastegated turbocharger to better match boost pressure to engine needs all work together to reduce engine emissions.
• The Cummins 600 emission solutions does not require exhaust gas recirculation, saving over 50 components.
• No expensive aftertreatment add-ons like a catalyzed soot filter

Low Maintenance Costs
The ISB provides a more advanced design while maintaining a simpler and more versatile design over it's competition.

Lower Operating Costs - Thanks to long maintenance intervals. The cleaner combustion results in reduced sooting of lubrication oil, allowing Cummins to double the oil change intervals to 15,000 miles for schedule A and 7,500 for schedule B (towing) for all 50 states.
• Average of 350,000 miles to overhaul.
• With a self priming fuel filter you can easily restart the engine after routine fuel filter changes (or if you run out of fuel).
• Gallery cooled high-strength aluminum pistons for durability and long life to overhaul.
• Premium high strength inconel exhaust valves and high-cobalt stellite exhaust valve seats for durability and long life to overhaul.
• The Cummins 600 Turbo Diesel has 30% fewer parts than competitive V8 diesel engines.
QuickCheck III allows you see what your engine readings are so there are no more surprises.

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