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Cummins ISX
   Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd.

The Cummins ISX is certified and compliant to the EPA’s 2.5-gram emissions standard. The ISX was the first engine certified by the EPA to meet this new standard.

ISX Engine Applications
• Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks
• Emergency Vehicles
• RV

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The ISX's improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology.
Best Fuel Economy.  The ISX continues to have the best fuel economy in its class, even while meeting 2002 EPA certification.  
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with 30% fewer parts.

The new Cummins technology now has over 1 billion mile of proven performance. We're so confident in the performance of this engine, we're giving an Uptime Guarantee.

• The ISX's Variable Geometry Turbocharger produces quicker throttle response with less turbo "lag" for faster acceleration off the line and on highway on-ramps. 
Dualoverhead cam design providing clean, responsive power.
• Mid-stop cylinder liner minimizes oil consumption, increases durability.
Intebrake is the ISX's totally integrated, "not added on", engine brake that is standard equipment.
SmartTorque automatically adds up to 200 extra lb-ft of torque in the top two gears, so drivers can climb uphill without having to downshift. 
• Great low speed acceleration.
• Improved compression braking.
• The ISX boasts ratings of up to 565 hp with 1850 lbs-ft of peak torque.
• Fully integrated electronic controls using Cummins ECM provide increased performance from all subsystems.

Fuel Economy
ISX fuel economy continues to be best in its class, even while meeting 2004 EPA certification.

SmartTorque ratings deliver up to 200 lb-ft of extra torque in the top gears, making it possible to run longer in top gear. 
Cummins PowerSpec, the online tool that describes each engine feature, gives recommended settings and lets you modify and optimize operation of your Cummins engines. 
• Improve mpg even further, get RoadRelay™ 4, the in-cab monitor that helps drivers improve their own skill level.
Full-authority electronic controls coordinate all subsystems and manage engine accessories for optimum fuel economy.
Driver Reward feature monitors fuel economy and idle time and rewards good drivers with extra speed.
Cooled EGR low emission technology provides the best fuel economy alternative.
• Fuel economy is still driver dependent.  LBSC (Load Based Speed Control) can provide up to a 1.5% fuel economy improvement.
• Onan's Comfort Guard System is a totally integrated two-cylinder diesel-powered Onan® generator that powers all your auxiliary power needs. This adds up to a savings of 8.5% in fuel costs every year.

Low Maintenance Costs
The ISX provides a more advanced design while maintaining a simpler and more versatile design over it's competition.

Integrated design eliminates hoses and fittings and uses edge-molded gaskets to eliminate potential leaks and vibrations-related problems.
• Oil drain intervals of up to 50,000 miles are achieved throughout CENTINEL™ optimized lube system design using the latest in Fleetguard filtration technology.
Driver-Engaged Snapshot feature lets the driver capture vital diagnostic information about intermittent engine problems at the flip of a switch. Reduces service time and improves accuracy of repair.
• Cummins ISX standard features include advanced Fleetguard® ES System™ with StrataPore™ filters. 
QuickCheck III allows you see what your engine readings are so there are no more surprises.

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