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Cummins B Series
   Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd.

The Cummins B Series Engine provides from 3.9 hp to 5.9 hp giving the B Series a broad range of application possibilities. The B Series has been proven in hundreds of applications around the world with over three million engines in operation.

B Series Engine Applications
• Agricultural
• Construction

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The B Series improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology.
Best Fuel Economy.  The B Series continues to have the best fuel economy in its class, even while meeting EPA certification.  
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with fewer parts.

• The Cummins B Series delivers 110-173 horsepower with 345-530 lb-ft of torque.
• Parent Bore Cylinder Block - Structurally advanced design handles high pressures with greater durability.
Plateau-Honed Cylinders - Near-perfect cylinder geometry virtually eliminates oil consumption.
• Cummins Holset Turbochargers - Wastegated designs optimize operations for improved response across the torque curves.
Forged Steel Crankshaft - Superior strength for longer engine life.
Less noise - That’s especially important for applications like mobile generators and rental light packages, which are commonly used where businesses or residences are directly affected. For even quieter operation, Cummins offers optional noise-reduction packages that eliminate up to 4.5 dBA of acoustic output.
• These engines feature highly reliable, durable rotary fuel pumps that deliver a steady stream of pressurized fuel for strong performance across a wide range of environmental conditions.
• Fully integrated electronic controls using Cummins ECM provide increased performance from all subsystems.

Emission Standards
• Designed to meet Tier 2 emissions requirements
• Maintains the lowest possible cost of installation.
• Capable of reaching emissions standards without electronic engine controls. You get a proven power plant that meets ecological concerns in an efficient package.

Easy Maintenance & Build Options
The Cummins B Series engines have numerous options that make equipment integration easier. Optional features include:

Optional Resistive Grid Heating - Electric grid preheats intake air to improve cold startability.
Optional Noise Reduction - Three optional packages reduce acoustic by an additional 4.5 dBA.
• Take advantage of Advisor software which will let you build the right engine meeting all your performance needs and giving you the performance you expect.
Plateau-honed cylinders
• The innovative ring pack design and edge-molded gaskets provide for significantly reduced oil consumption.
Little or no top-off oil should be needed. And oil change intervals can be extended up to 500 hours.
Forged Steel Crankshaft - Superior strength for longer engine life.

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