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Cummins QSB
   Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd.

These engines combine the proven Quantum System, full-authority electronic controls with the reliable performance you’ve come to expect from Cummins B Series engines.

QSB Engine Applications
• Agricultural
• Construction

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The QSB's improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology. 
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with fewer parts.
Better Coverage. One of the simplest and most comprehensive coverage plans anywhere.

• The 24-valve version and the economical 12-valve version of the QSB engine, complete with all the same electronic features, provides a broader range of choices.
• The QSB has applied the same Quantum technology for the 4-cylinder versions of this engine.
Full-Authority Electronic Controls offer advanced diagnostics and programming options. Industry standard J1587 and J1939 datalinks. The Electronic Control Module is totally programmable, so you can specify performance parameters to exactly match your equipment. It’s a concept we call PowerMatch. Then, we optimize the engine’s performance with other vehicle components, using the Cummins Advisor program.
Cummins Advisor software builds a virtual model to show how the QSB engine is installed in your equipment then makes sure that all systems work as a team for optimum performance.
Electronic Fuel Injection combines high injection pressures with electronically controlled timing and fueling for precise and instantaneous control.
Parent Bore Cylinder Block is designed for reduced noise and increased durability. Integrated design features eliminate potential leak points.
Wastegated Turbochargers are custom-designed by Holset for high-speed ratings. Wastegates provide for better low engine speed performance and high engine speed boost.
Noise-Reduction Option packages reduce overall noise level (up to 4dBA less).

Emission Standards
• Tier 2/Stage 2 Certified
• Maintains the lowest possible cost of installation.

Easy Maintenance
The Cummins QSB engine has numerous options that make equipment integration easier.

Low-Maintenance Fuel Filter Assembly - 500-hour fuel filter life with integral water separator and water-in-fuel sensor. Topload
for easy paper filter replacement with standard Fleetguard® filters. Environmentally friendly. Also available: 300W fuel heater integrated
• The QSB has been designed to run up to 500 hours between scheduled maintenance stops. Long maintenance intervals combined with a simplified design means lower operating costs.

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