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Cummins QSL
   Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd.

Having enough horsepower is important, but what’s really critical in your equipment is having the pulling power you need – when you need it.

QSL Engine Applications
• Agricultural
• Construction

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The QSL's improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology. 
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with fewer parts.
Better Coverage. One of the simplest and most comprehensive coverage plans anywhere.

Full-Authority Electronic Controls offer advanced diagnostics and programming options. The Electronic Control Module is totally programmable, so you can specify performance parameters to exactly match your equipment. It’s a concept we call PowerMatch. Then, we optimize the engine’s performance with other vehicle components, using the Cummins Advisor program.
Cummins Advisor software builds a virtual model to show how the QSL engine is installed in your equipment then makes sure that all systems work as a team for optimum performance.
• The combination of 24 valves for better "breathing," a patented high-pressure common rail system with centered fuel injectors and a Holset wastegated trubocharger give the QSL responsive power across the engine speed range.
• The QSL's two-piece articulated steel pistons with targeted piston cooling, heavy-duty roller followers and a high-capacity lubrication system are all housed within a structurally reinforced block so rugged it can easily handle the added pressure of a compression brake.
• High-pressure common rail fuel system delivers exceptional throttle response at any rpm.
• For greater pulling power the QSL comes with a torque rise of up to 50% and 1150 lb-ft of peak torque.
• The QSL is significantly quieter than the larger engines it’s designed to replace.
Wastegated Turbochargers are custom-designed by Holset for high-speed ratings. Wastegates provide for better low engine speed performance and high engine speed boost.

Emission Standards
• Tier 2/Stage 2 Certified
• Maintains the lowest possible cost of installation.

Easy Maintenance
When it comes to routine maintenance, less is more. And the QSL is designed for less.

Low-Maintenance Fuel Filter Assembly - Integrated water separator and water-in-fuel sensor help prevent performance
problems that result from contaminated fuel. A 10-micron filter is designed for filter change intervals of 500 hours – consistent
with oil change intervals.
• The rocker system is designed so that it won’t need to be checked for at least 5,000 hours of operation.
Fluid lines are integrated in the engine block to eliminate leaks and ruptured hoses.
• Accessories (including the fan drive) have been direct-mounted to the block for better alignment with no slippage. This design feature, with an integrated low-mount belt tensioner, remarkably decreases wear and adjustment of the serpentine belt.

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