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Cummins QSM
   Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd.

With ratings up to 415 hp, the QSM has plenty of muscle for heavy lifting.

QSM Engine Applications
• Agricultural
• Construction

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The QSM's improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology. 
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with fewer parts.
Better Coverage. One of the simplest and most comprehensive coverage plans anywhere.

Full-Authority Electronic Controls (ECM) offer advanced diagnostics and programming options. The Electronic Control Module is totally programmable, so you can specify performance parameters to exactly match your equipment. It’s a concept we call PowerMatch. Then, we optimize the engine’s performance with other vehicle components, using the Cummins Advisor program.
Sealed Sensors resist water intrusion. Enhanced reliability. Combined temperature and pressure sensors reduce inventory
and simplify maintenance.
• Optional fuel filter combines water separator with water-in-fuel sensor to alert operators to water contamination that could cause
performance problems or engine damage.
Venturi Oil Filter And Lube System -- 10-micron LF 9001 filter from Fleetguard combines with the new lubrication system for increased oil flow, reduced lubrication delay at start-up and improved protection. Designed to double oil change intervals – up to 700 hours in some applications.
Articulated Pistons And Liners handle higher cylinder temperatures for improved fuel efficiency and emissions control. Patented mid-stop cylinder liners are designed to resist cavitation and extend life-tooverhaul.
Improved Camshaft Durability -- Exhaust valve lobes are designed to improve wear tolerance. The injector lobe profile has been
revised to optimize injection for enhanced fuel economy and emissions control.
Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive -- Self-adjusting for optimum tension, which increases fan, alternator and fan belt life. An eight-rib polyvee belt is standard.
• Optimized injector tips and a reshaped steel piston bowl improve fuel economy and emissions control with reduced soot loading of oil, resulting in longer change intervals.
• The Rear Engine Power Take-Off option provides additional capability for driving remotemounted devices.
• The QSM has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class.
• The onboard electronics of the Quantum System give equipment operators greater control over operating speeds, gear selection and more. Including the ability to switch to an alternate power curve, adjust the low idle and reset intermediate speed governors to match job site needs.
• Front or rear PTO options deliver superior power to remote-mounted devices.

Emission Standards
• Tier 2/Stage 2 Certified

Easy Installationa & Maintenance
The QSM is designed to make instillation and maintenance fast and easy.

Low-Maintenance Fuel Filter Assembly - Integrated water separator and water-in-fuel sensor help prevent performance
problems that result from contaminated fuel. A 10-micron filter is designed for filter change intervals of 500 hours – consistent
with oil change intervals.
• The rocker system is designed so that it won’t need to be checked for at least 5,000 hours of operation.
Fluid lines are integrated in the engine block to eliminate leaks and ruptured hoses.
• Accessories (including the fan drive) have been direct-mounted to the block for better alignment with no slippage. This design feature, with an integrated low-mount belt tensioner, remarkably decreases wear and adjustment of the serpentine belt.
• The ECM can be mounted in two different locations on the engine, for easy equipment integration.
• Our INSITE ™ electronic service tool provides fault information, data logging, performance parameter adjustments, advanced diagnostics, as well as graphic displays. This system allows technicians to pinpoint problems for fast, accurate repairs – reducing costs
• The QSM’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) automatically logs a complete record of fault codes and engine performance data, for future reference. If the ECM detects an engine problem, operator is notified, and the engine protection system reduces engine power until the problem comes back under control.
• PowerMatch Ratings --Cummins uses advanced electronics to shape power curves and ratings to the equipment specifications, taking into account factors such as the work environment, load factors, ambient temperatures and operating modes.
• With Cummins Advisor we optimize the engine’s performance with other vehicle components. Cummins Advisor software builds a virtual model to show how our engine is installed in your equipment.


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