Cummins ECM
While other diesel manufacturers are just now introducing electronic controls, Cummins has years of expertise. We’ve been designing, programming, building and servicing electronic engines since the late ’80s. That’s why our fullauthority electronics roduce such high power levels with lower fuel costs, increased performance, productivity and profits. But the advantages aren’t imited to engine performance. Cummins uses the programming capabilities of our Cummins engines to help application engineers match the power output to individual pieces of equipment – and the jobs they are going to perform.

Full-authority electronic controls enable:
• Torque and power curve shaping
• Engine data management
• Troubleshooting
• Engine protection
• And more

The Cummins ECM offers advanced diagnostics and programming options. The Electronic Control Module is totally programmable, so you can specify performance parameters to exactly match your equipment. It’s a concept we call PowerMatch. Then, we optimize the engine’s performance with other vehicle components, using the Cummins Advisor program. The ECM can also help pinpoint service needs before they become problems. Sensors within the engine constantly monitor factors like oil pressure and coolant temperature, sending this information back to the ECM for processing. If the engine "sees" a problem occurring, it automatically logs a trouble code in the ECM, noting the time and operating conditions. This allows technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose problems. It can even be programmed to alert the operator when scheduled maintenance is due.

Because we are the OEM, we know the design and manufacturing specifications inside and out (proprietary information). And with the Cummins ReCon process, you can be sure we analyze the entire ECM, ­not just a failure symptom. In fact, every circuit is analyzed on every unit that passes through our door. With genuine Cummins components you know your injection system is being controlled at its optimum performance level. So if you want to run with confidence­, run with Genuine Cummins ReCon ECMs.

We tested competitive ECMs and the following file shows the results...

ECM competative analysis

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